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Cardinal Wolsey

Cardinal Wolsey as Monarch in England

The Adviser of Henry VIII Henry VIII took the throne in 1509, replacing an immensely successful and popular Henry VII. […]

The Dominion of New England

Dominion of New England

The Dominion of New England was an administrative union imposed on England’s North American colonies, by King James II. It […]

mantaly ill in victorian england

How the Mentally Ill Were Treated in Victorian England

In the Victorian era there were such things as “hysterics” and they were associated with women as women were then […]

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This site is dedicated to all the deceased at Shropshire War Memorial

Here you can find various Britain related history articles such as interesting facts about Cardinal Wolsey, Dominion of New England, The Revolution of 1689 and much more…

Shropshire War Memorial, created in 2009, by Neil Evans, is intended to remember any individual who lived in Shropshire, or is remembered within Shropshire, regardless of conflict.

Research into the war dead of the county began in 2006, by Neil and in September, 2011, Phil Morris, who started researching in 2000, decided to work together to find the best way to not only remember our war dead, but to make our research available to all.

In order to reach out to the community, share our knowledge and research, we joined together with St. Chad’s, Shrewsbury. We are currently putting the final touches to a new county roll of honour, which will be available for all to view in St. Chad’s, Shrewsbury.

We have fully indexed and photographed the Wellington Journal and Shrewsbury News from both wars. We have photographed every war grave in the county and researched over 350 war memorials, and any other items of remembrance.

If you have a relative from Shropshire, who died, and can provide me with information, or are in search of information, or alternatively would like any photographs then please contact us.

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